Alejandro Barrientos-Rupérez is an accomplished tenor enrolled at the prestigious Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands. Soloist, ensemble or choral, Alejandro is a versatile singer with a wide repertoire ranging from renaissance to contemporary music.


Alejandro Barrientos-Rupérez is a dedicated tenor enrolled at the prestigious Royal Conservatory located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Alejandro has made notable contributions to various early music projects. Among these, as the tenor soloist for Heinrich Schütz's "Musikalische Exequiem" and was an integral part of the comprehensive Bach cantata cycle organized by the esteemed institution "BachCantates." Furthermore, his involvement in the 2021 project "Quam Tabernacula Tua" by Jean-Philippe showcased his commitment to historical music.

Alejandro also shines as an ensemble singer. As an active member of "FONOS," a collective of young talents in singing and choral conducting, he has lent his talent to numerous national and international projects, including performances of Johann Sebastian Bach's "In Advent" (2022) and "Jesu meine Freude" (2023). The ensemble’s crowning achievement came with an appearance on the Dutch national program "Podium Klassiek", the foremost platform for classical music enthusiasts. Furthermore, FONOS earned a second place in the "International Choir Competition in Provence 2022."

Currently, Alejandro is advancing his studies and looks forward to the project "Il ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria" at the Dutch National Opera Academy (DNOA).

WED 26TH | FRI 28TH | SUN 30TH JUN 2024

Il ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria - Amare

Il ritorno d’Ulisse is based on the story told in books 13-23 of Homer’s Odyssey, in which Ulysses returns home from the Trojan War after an absence of twenty years and slays his wife’s suitors, who have taken over his palace. Giacomo Badoardo’s libretto set to music by Monteverdi was premiered to great acclaim in 1640 during the carnival season in Venice, and because of its success, it was revived in the following season, an unusual distinction for an opera of the time.

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